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A closer look at GCSE Mathematics

A closer look at GCSE Mathematics


GCSE Mathematics is compulsory for UK students in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland. There is an examination to take that will showcase your knowledge and qualifications on the topic. 

For this, working with a tutor or online teacher to get additional help can be a great idea. It can be just the remedy and release the burden of scheduling everything. A tutor can assist you with areas in which you may be weaker. In turn, when you take on the revision and get an overall higher score due to more effective learning, you will reap the rewards. These could be better opportunities to attend a UK university or even better job prospects. 

What you will learn in GCSE Maths

A typical maths syllabus will have a teacher cover several math topics. This includes statistics and probability, trigonometry and geometry, and algebra. The syllabus just focuses on these topics, however. It doesn't really revolve around the preparation you need for the exam. 

That's why, for GCSE Maths specifications, it's a good idea to include the learning practice questions that commonly appear on the exam. Remember that different boards handle the examinations. There are also two separate tiers, depending on the difficulty and the grades one seeks. Foundation goes up to Grade 5, while the Higher tier goes up to Grade 9.

How long will it take to complete?

It takes around two years to complete the entire GCSE maths course, which is why it starts in Grade 10. Yet those who understand maths and the specification can complete everything within one year. You add the support of a learning course online into the mix, and it only helps speed things up more. 

The best way to learn GCSE Math in the UK online with MyEdSpace

Our platform will cover everything that is related to GCSE Math and beyond. You can consider learning with us online at an affordable cost that will only help give you the further advantage that you may have been looking for. 

We teach students in live lessons in a group setting. Much like Twitch but for education. We also provide exam style homework every week, workbooks and video solutions. The teacher records these so that students can learn the best way to go about answering questions. 

Not only that but we offer a different package where students can receive a personal mentor who is from one of the premium UK universities. With these options students get a choice of 2 ideal settings in which they can learn in the way that’s best for them.

In the end

Don't worry about having to scramble around to organise what to study; have a maths syllabus work with you and your schedule all online. Our website can become your platform and portal for Maths-related topics and help you get your desired score, all at a reasonable cost. Then, you can continue to your A-Levels and beyond, confident about having, at the very least, a strong foundational knowledge of the necessary math.

Author: MyEdSpace
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