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How to Stay Motivated During Your A-Levels

How to Stay Motivated During Your A-Levels


While you can have all the right study tools available and even some of the best revision tips and tricks, you still need to stay motivated. Getting and maintaining the drive for things can be an uphill struggle. However, if you take on the techniques we detail below, you won't be stressing after the exams thinking that you didn’t do well.

Focus on your goal

You are studying for your A-levels, so you are studying for success. Your grades are your reward, so you must always keep your eye on the prize. Focus also means being strategic about which exams you are looking to get high grades on. Give your attention and energy to those subjects, as they are the most important for the next part of your journey. 

Reward yourself

As you hit studying milestones, it's about keeping your motivation levels strong. While the high marks are the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, you're still able to give yourself prize incentives along the way. Whether it's getting a rewarding day off from studying or buying small things, the choice is yours. Even taking a break the night before an exam to clear your mind can do wonders and relax you during exam time. 

Put things in perspective

"This too shall pass" is a famous saying and also rings true here. While your A-levels may seem like the centre of the universe right now, they will eventually end. So perspective is important. It helps keep you on the straight and narrow path with the incentive to continue. One chapter will close, and another will begin, whether it's advanced studies or heading into the workforce. 

Create Checklists

Checklists can be a godsend for anyone preparing for exams. They help put you in a positive mood as you feel a sense of accomplishment when items are crossed off the list. It also organises everything that needs to be done and gives you peace of mind, knowing everything is in order. Checklists optimise your time and prevent you from questioning what to do next. They can be the rewarding ticket to nailing the highest mark in the exam.

Take regular breaks

Part of your studying regime must include breaks. It is necessary and common sense to keep your energy levels up. Your motivation will be much stronger as you can take regular breaks between your intensive studying. Even with a study session, multiple breaks should be built into it. It can even be included on your checklist to help with your drive and focus. 

Do your best!

This is a critical factor for motivation and success. There is only so much you can do, and your grades are what they are. But you can be ready for any outcome with the right techniques, reward system, and positive attitude. Don't be too hard on yourself and feel like everything is over if you don't do well on an exam. You tried your best, and that's enough! 

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