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Which Uni Courses Do  A-Level Maths Lead To?

Which Uni Courses Do A-Level Maths Lead To?


Choosing which A-Levels to study is a critical decision as it can have implications further down the road. For instance, A-Level subjects chosen can impact your child’s chance of acceptance when they begin the University application process, and some decisions might rule your child out altogether! Some degrees have certain pre-requisite subjects so picking the wrong A-Levels could restrict degree choice before they even begin applying. Thankfully, A-Level Maths is one of the most widely accepted and respected subjects by universities and employers alike. It is far more likely to enhance their options rather than close doors.

It might seem crazy to be forced to think so far ahead at such an early stage but it is imperative that your child does not feel overwhelmed by this. Being set on a career path is by no means a necessity, it is entirely plausible that the job your child ends up doing might not even exist now. I highly doubt those people working in blockchain or in drone designing had their mind set on this career back when they were at school! If your child is unsure about what field of work they want to pursue or even what they might want to study at University, the best thing they can do is keep their options as open as possible. A-level Maths is a great way to do this as it is one of the most versatile subject choices. Let’s walk through where A-Level Maths could lead your child.

A typical STEM combination of Maths with Biology and Chemistry is a common route into Medicine, Biochem and Natural Science. Combining Maths with any other subjects always makes a strong application for further Economics and Finance studies too. 

If your child is completely unsure, a nice idea could be to choose A-Levels that provide flexibility. For example, combining Maths with a humanities subject, a science subject or perhaps a language. The step-up from GCSEs gives students more of an idea of how much they enjoy learning about these subjects in depth so choosing a variety of subject types could be the play. 


For those of you out there whose child does know which degree they are destined for, if their degree of choice is listed below then unfortunately they don’t have the luxury in optionally picking Maths. It is actually an essential prerequisite at nearly all universities. Be sure to check which subjects are valued highly, you can find this on all University websites or careers pages.

  • Actuarial Science

  • Aeronautical Engineering

  • Chemical Engineering

  • Economics

  • Electrical/Electronic Engineering

  • Engineering (General)

  • Mathematics

  • Mechanical Engineering

  • Physics

  • Statistics

  • Computer Science


Many universities and employers still look very favourably on A-level Maths, even if a top grade isn’t achieved. Completing the course demonstrates that a student understands Maths at a much higher level than GCSE material which is very important for many university courses and subsequent careers.  Whilst A-Level Maths is extremely well-regarded but it is not the easiest subject, avoid encouraging your child to take Maths just because it ‘looks good’. The most important question to ask your child is “Do you enjoy the subject?” If the answer is yes, good grades, hard-work and motivation usually come naturally. Here at MyEdSpace we provide uniquely enjoyable and engaging teaching to ensure your child has all the necessary tools to help them smash their exams.


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