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The A-Level and GCSE exam timetables 2023 you need to know

The A-Level and GCSE exam timetables 2023 you need to know


It's never too early for students to start planning their schedule around next year's timetable for various examinations. As Maths is the most popular it can also be the most challenging option as well. You’re best starting early and even considering a program that provides extra support. Remember that if you find yourself stressing before the exams start then you should take a step back and create a revision plan

If you're at the stage where you've just taken your exams last Monday or Friday, then here are some excellent tips to be able to handle the waiting game for your results. You've already been through the stress of completing the examination, so the last thing you need is more!

You want to give yourself every advantage you can, and it’s key not just to comprehend the key material in every exam you’re going to take but also how the exam is formatted. Make sure to have a full understanding of this so you can do well. 

Below, we can also see what the most popular A-Levels were in 2023.

We can also see the most popular GCSE subjects for 2023 below:


Remember that these typically fall on a Monday or Friday, and other subjects would fall on other days such as Tuesday or Wednesday. So you want to always check directly with the board that will be handling the examinations to get the most updated dates and times for these exams. 

When are the GCSE Math exams in 2023?

Exams start in the middle of May for Paper 1 (non-calculator) with Paper 2 (calculator) in early June and Paper 3 (calculator) in the middle of June. The dates can vary based on the board administering the exam. An example of the actual dates for Edexcel are below: 

  • Paper 1 – Friday May 19th (foundation / higher) 

  • Paper 2 – Wednesday June 7th (foundation / higher)

  • Paper 3 – Wednesday June 14th (foundation / higher)  

When are the GCSE English Language and English Literature exams in 2023?

The expected times for English Language exams are as follows. This is for all of the exam boards which are AQA, OCR, Edexcel and WJEC. 

English Language Dates:

  • Paper 1 – Monday June 5th 2023 (foundation / higher) 

  • Paper 2 – Monday June 12th 2023 (foundation / higher)

English Literature exams will be scheduled as below. These exams tend to be longer than other GCSE exams and are around two hours long. They're also “closed book” which means the literature itself won't be able to be referenced. 

English Literature Dates:

  • Paper 1 – Wednesday May 17th 2023 (foundation / higher) 

  • Paper 2 – Wednesday May 24th 2023 (foundation / higher) 

When are the GCSE Science exams in 2023?

The science exams will cover numerous subjects and each have their own challenges. Make sure to pay attention to the dates as they tend to be close to each other. 


For biology students they will be as follows and all exam boards have the same date:

  • Biology Paper 1 – Tuesday May 16th 2023 

  • Biology Paper 2 – Friday June 9th 2023


  • Chemistry Paper 1 – higher; foundation; combined and single science is on Monday May 22nd 2023

  • Chemistry Paper 2 - higher; foundation; combined and single science is on Tuesday June 13th 2023

  • Those in the WJEC board will have Chemistry Paper 2 on Friday June 16th 2023


  • Physics Paper 1 – higher; foundation; combined and single science is on Thursday May 25th 2023

  • Physics Paper 2 - higher; foundation; combined and single science is on Friday June 16th

  • Those in the WJEC board will have Physics Paper 2 on Monday, June 19th 2023

A-Level and AS-Level exam timetables 2023

The A-Levels and AS-Levels exams will be held for students in the month of June. They start in the first week of June and go on throughout the whole month. The start date can vary depending on the examination board. For example the AQA exams start on Wednesday June 7th and the Edexcel exams start on Tuesday June 6th.

All the exam board timetables you need to know

All the core exams are mentioned above but if there are specific ones you are looking for it’s best to check directly with your examination board. They will have the most up to date information on all the subjects there are GCSE exams for as well as A-levels and AS-level exams. 

Keep up with your studies and good luck on exam day! 

As mentioned earlier, get extra support where you can especially if you’re struggling in certain subjects such as Maths. It will help you not only pass the examination but get you a higher grade in the process. Along with all of this you should ensure you don't overload your schedule as this can result in burnout and your results being affected.

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